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As of Autumn Term 2020 your child will come home with a learning log as usual which will have their up to date Password Placemat in it and some Welsh 2nd Language resources. It will not have any homework in it. Homework will now be set for children through Google Classroom, a programme which allows teachers to create a virtual classroom which can be accessed from home. On Google Classroom your child's teacher can share resources, videos and links to other webpages to support your child in completing their homework. Your child's learning log will now simply provide them with paper so that they can complete their homework using a pen/pencil and paper if they wish or online if they would prefer.  We will still be encouraging access to our other virtual learning environments like Purple Mash, Espresso and Just2easy but now your child's teacher will be able to use Google Classroom to point you in the right direction.

It is important that your child keeps their learning log safe, after all it contains all of their usernames and passwords which they will need throughout the year.

To support you in getting started with Google Classroom and some of the other apps which Welsh Government have made available for free to pupils attending schools in Wales please click on the links below.

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