Attendance & Safeguarding

COVID 19 message from Baenau Gwent County Borough Council  to all parents:

The Council would like to remind parents that school attendance is compulsory and whilst the expectation from Welsh Government is that no fixed penalty notices will be issued for the first half term the legislation has not changed.  It is vitally important for children and young people to attend school to make learning progress to realise their full potential. In partnership, we will work with parents and schools to improve school attendance and the position on penalty notices will be reviewed after the first half-term.

Along with many other schools in Blaenau Gwent, Glanhowy Primary School is part of the Callio Project which is a method of keeping you informed about your child's attendance through regular letters home.  Being a parent of a pupil at Glanhowy means that you can expect a letter home shortly after every half term or end of term school holiday.  This letter will give you an up to date attendance percentage your child has achieved so far in that academic year.

There is a very close link between the well-being of pupils, their long term success in school and attendance.


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