Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a programme which is provided free of charge to all pupils in school's in Wales. It allows teachers to create a virtual classroom where they can provide materials for their learners (resources, videos, links to other websites etc).  As of autumn term 2020 all homework activities will now be set using Google classroom which will mean that parents will need to access google classroom from home.

Accessing Google Classroom through the App

The easiest way to access Google Classroom is by downloading the Google Classroom App. All you will need to do to successfully use the app is;

  • Download the 'Google Classroom App'
  • Use your child's Hwb username and password to access google classroom (from their Password Placemat
  • If prompted to choose whether to connect using Google or Microsoft, select the red Microsoft option.
  • Click the + button and input your class code (from your Password Placemat)
  • Once you are in the classroom at the bottom of the screen you will see two tabs called 'stream' and 'classwork'. When you enter the virtual classroom you will be on the 'stream', to access pupil's homework options select 'classwork'.
  • Pupils can still complete their homework using a pen/pencil and paper as normal and take a photo on their device to submit it to their class teacher if they wish.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see further help videos on submitting homework - (submitting work through the app is the second half of the short video).

Accessing Google Classroom through a PC or Laptop

  • Sign into using your child's Hwb username and password (see Password Placemat for details)
  • Click on the menu button
  • Select 'Google Eduaction'
  • When/if prompted to input an email address and password use the Hwb username and password again
  • If your child has not already logged into google classroom in school you will see a largely blank screen with a + button in the top left corner, select the + and 'join class' and enter the pupils classroom code (as printed on their Password Placemat).
  • If your child has already logged into google classroom in school the class should be sat there waiting for you.

In future you should only have to put your child's Hwb username and password in once to access HWB, google for education should remember the rest of the details for you. For further support on logging in scroll to the bottom of the page for the help videos.

Once you've logged in you will see two tabs at the top of the page saying 'stream' and 'classwork'. Click on 'classwork' to view homework tasks. For further information on how to submit completed work see the videos below.


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