The school Governing Body works in partnership with the school. We manage and set budget priorities, monitor and drive curriculum developments and standards and ensure the safety and wellbeing of all pupils, staff and visitors to the school. The Governing Body is made up of representatives of the local community, parents, county borough councillors, the head teacher and members of staff. We work together as a team to make decisions about the management and day to day running of the school and to ensure the highest standards of achievement and care for every pupil within our community.

The Governing Body meets as a full committee three times a year and various sub committees meet throughout the year to report to the full Governing Body. Members attend full governing body meetings and  curriculum focussed meetings each term.

Members of the Governing Body

Mr T Smith Chairperson
Mr D Jones Vice Chairperson

Mrs N Street
Mrs C Rees

Mrs L Barnsley

Mrs L Locke Teaching Staff
Miss R Burrows Non-Teaching Staff
Miss J Davies
Mrs T Lane
Blaenau-Gwent L.A

Mrs K Evans

Mrs C Williams

Mrs N Street

Mrs R Fowler Headteacher


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