Intervention: Mathematics & English

At Glanhowy Primary School we are fortunate to be able to offer many pupils support in their learning of core Mathematics and English skills through working in small groups with one of our intervention team once or twice a week.  Pupils identified as potentially benefiting from this support will be pupils who are able to work largely at the expected level for their year group but could be currently coasting, have a few areas of their understanding missing or may need help making the essential links between skills which are preventing them from making the progress they are capable of.  Our intervention programmes deliver intensive targeted teaching to these small groups and have had a hugely positive impact on the pupils who have attended.  Pupils identified for intervention will receive a letter home requesting consent for them to join one or both of the intervention groups for their year groups.

In these fast-paced and engaging sessions excellent behaviour for learning in small group situations is essential.

What can I do to support my child's progress in Mathematics at home?

  • Help your child learn their times tables (a 3 second recall is the goal).

  • Involve your child in real-life maths in the world around them: helping with calculating money, telling the time etc

  • Use the virtual learning environments school has paid for you to be able to use at home (in the case of Mathematics this is 'Mathletics', see the 'school supported websites' tab on this menu for the link).  Usernames and passwords are availble from the class teachers.

  • Ensure the whole family takes on a positive attitude towards Mathematics to avoid children adopting the attitude that they 'can't do maths.'  Telling your child you 'couldn't do maths either,' has more of a negative influence on a young person than you might imagine.  Adopt a 'can do' attitude!

  • Any teacher at Glanhowy will tell you that an early night and a good breakfast will benefit your child in every aspect of their school day.

What can I do to support my child's progress in English at home?

  • Make sure your child has their Accelerated Reading Book and Book Bag for all of their Accelerated Reading Sessions. 
  • Hear your child read from their Accelerated Reading Book daily and discuss what you are reading.  This one to one time reading and chatting with an adult never fails to help children engage with what they are reading.
  • Use school supported websites to provide variety to what you are reading.  Your child's membership to 'Reading Bugs' is paid for by school and is accessible from your home devices.  Ask your child's teacher for their username and password if you don't have it.
  • Some pupil's find it difficult to write independently if they feel they are poor at spelling.  Use the programme, 'Spelling Shed' to support their learning.
  • Encourage variety in their reading; newspapers, magazines and comics all provide valuable reading and comprehension practise.
  • If your child has access to a PC or Laptop you can use programmes like, 'Purple Mash' to complete homework.  This programme provides templates so that your child can take pride in how good their finished pieces look.  Again this paid for by school and usernames and passwords are available from class teachers.  Work completed on Purple Mash can be printed in school.  Use the 'School Supported Websites' tab on the 'Provision' menu to find the link.
  • Involve your child in literacy in the real world: encourage them to write the shopping list and read the TV Guide etc.
  • Best of all, role-model being a reader by ensuring your child sees you enjoying reading, not necessarily 'War and Peace', 'Woman's Own' will do just fine!

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